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It’s a…

Posted by aeopi on March 2, 2011

Yesterday I went in for my second trimester screening/sonogram. Baby looks healthy and has a strong upper lip. Extremely low chance of having downs! Brain, tummy, spine all look good!

And the news I know you’re waiting to hear….We are having a girl!!!

We plan to name her Mary Jayne Brundage (no you can’t call her weed).  We’ve already picked out bedding  for her and can’t wait to start buying girly stuff!!  I’m in love with the owls in her bedding!  Now, to figure out how to design a little girl’s room without going into pink overload….we are thinking yellow.  🙂 

On the Owen front, he still doesn’t understand that he’s going to be a big brother, but we talk to him about it as much as we can.  For those of you that haven’t seen him recently, he is growing by leaps and bounds!  He got moved into the Two Year Old classroom in his school in February and is talking in full sentences with like 5 words or more, counting to ten, singing (some), running really fast, jumping, and even learning to peddle a bike!  He’s also picking up bad habits, like my least favorite saying ever – “No Way Momma!” and has started telling Chris and I what to do.  Sit Down, Don’t Touch, Be Quiet, Don’t Cry (this one makes me laugh), to name a few.  He’s become more outgoing and friendly with friends and family as well. 

I’m starting to go through all of Owen’s clothes, etc. to see what I can use for MJ and what I can pass on to anyone who’s interested.  If you what to lay claim on some little boy clothes, let me know now.  I am probably going to sell his bedding, so let me know if that’s something you might want also. 

Anywho…as always, we love you all and keep in touch!


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