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Update on O

Posted by aeopi on March 16, 2010

So…I’m sure many have heard but just in case not, O was admitted to the hospital again recently. On Feb 25 he had a severe cold (ended up being strep pnuemonia) that was causing his oxygen levels to sink to the 80’s again. We were there until March 1 having to keep him on oxygen and do the whole breathing treatment thing again. He’s all better now, but since that was his second hospital stay for a respiratory illness they had to do some other major tests: one for cystic fibrosis and the other on his heart.

Well, we just got some awesome news that he does not have Cystic Fibrosis! Yay!

However, his heart does have some sort of defect going on that is causing unoxygenated blood to mix with the oxygenated blood and recirculate through his body. We are going to see a pediatric cardiologist tomorrow morning and find out some more information. I will do my best to keep everyone updated.

Please pray for my baby and the rest of us. This has been a very tough time for the small Brundage Clan but we’re fighting through with the help of our wonderfully supportive family and friends.  Thank you to everyone for everything you’ve done for us.  Love you all!


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