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Owen Hospital Update

Posted by aeopi on October 8, 2009

Thank you for all your well wishes for Owen. I thought I would post a quick update while he was napping on his dad (I am finally able to email at the hospital).

He has some sort of virus that they can’t put a name to – which means its none of the biggies (flus, RSV, pnemonia…) which is good. But since its a virus its not treatable by medicine, which is bad. So like a cold it just has to work its way out and all they can do it support him while it does its thing.

His main problem is that his oxygen saturation levels (amount of oxygen in his blood) keep dropping way below normal the normal 100-96 range into the 80s, especially while he sleeps. Super scary! So he’s been on oxygen (little tubes in his nose) since we’ve been here. They take him off peridodically to see how he’ll do without it and he dips into the 80s again. So we’ve been here all week and are scheduled for another night tonight.

Please keep him and us in your thoughts and prayers as we work to get him healthy. I wish we could have visitors but due to flu season they are only allowing 2 people per patient in. Very frustrating for us and the grandmas! Hope all is well and I will talk to you soon.



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