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11 Weeks

Posted by aeopi on February 20, 2009

Owen is already 11 weeks old! That’s almost 3 months people!! I neglected to post that he went in for his 2 month doctors appointment on Feb 5. He weighed a whopping 15 pounds (95th Percentile!) and measured 24 inches long (75th Percentile). He’s a big boy for his age! He is smiling and cooing on a regular basis now. He’s started recognizing his momma and daddy too! Owen has even started to recognize his puppy, Atticus. He gives her great big smiles when she comes to lick his face and hands. (don’t worry, we try to keep her from doing this!) He’s so much fun!

In other news, I start back to work next Wednesday. 😦 I’m looking forward to getting back into the real world, but will be sad to be away from Owen for so long. He’ll be in good hands though. We found a great family home day care for him to stay at during the day.

Here’s some fun pictures of him! I love the squirrly face in the first one! Love you all!






2 Responses to “11 Weeks”

  1. Josh said

    diapers and cowboy boots… welcome to Texas.

  2. babyonthehip said

    So much for the great “home daycare”…I hope the new one is better!

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