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New Year’s Eve Update

Posted by aeopi on December 31, 2008

Owen is doing fantastic!  He’s a bit gassy and spits up once in a while, but what baby doesn’t??  He will be 4 weeks tomorrow!  Can you believe??  I can’t. 

I forgot to let you know about his 2 week doctor’s appt – he had gained 1 pound and 1 inch over his birth measures!  So, at the appt he was 9 lbs 4 oz and 22 inches.  I’m sure he’s gained as much since then! 

Owen had his first bath and first visit with Santa last week.  See pictures here:

He also had his first visit with the Owen clan…as noisy as they were he slept through most of the visit!  🙂 

Chris went back to work this week, so it was our first time home alone without any Granny support…we have managed pretty well, except  I have come down with strep throat, ugh!  I’m still learning to manage nap time and get in a shower and a meal for myself – a difficult concept when baby is fussy!  I even managed to cook dinner for the first time yesterday!! 

Well, guess that’s about it.  Hope everyone has a happy New Year’s!!  I’ll probably be up feeding Owen about midnite so drink a toast for me!  Love!


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