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New Year’s Eve Update

Posted by aeopi on December 31, 2008

Owen is doing fantastic!  He’s a bit gassy and spits up once in a while, but what baby doesn’t??  He will be 4 weeks tomorrow!  Can you believe??  I can’t. 

I forgot to let you know about his 2 week doctor’s appt – he had gained 1 pound and 1 inch over his birth measures!  So, at the appt he was 9 lbs 4 oz and 22 inches.  I’m sure he’s gained as much since then! 

Owen had his first bath and first visit with Santa last week.  See pictures here:

He also had his first visit with the Owen clan…as noisy as they were he slept through most of the visit!  🙂 

Chris went back to work this week, so it was our first time home alone without any Granny support…we have managed pretty well, except  I have come down with strep throat, ugh!  I’m still learning to manage nap time and get in a shower and a meal for myself – a difficult concept when baby is fussy!  I even managed to cook dinner for the first time yesterday!! 

Well, guess that’s about it.  Hope everyone has a happy New Year’s!!  I’ll probably be up feeding Owen about midnite so drink a toast for me!  Love!


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More pictures and Update

Posted by aeopi on December 14, 2008

More pictures of Owen have been posted to the shutterfly site – see web address in entry below. 

Just wanted to let y’all know that I (Ashley!) am alive and well.  I know I’ve been MIA during all this.  Things have been busy and we’re working on getting used to the lack of sleep and needs of the new little one.  He is perfect though, I wouldn’t ask for anything different.  I’m healing well and am learning to sleep whenever possible.  Chris has been a wonderful husband and father throughout all this.  He is taking great care of the both of us, even losing sleep with us.  🙂  He is going to make an attempt to go back to work tomorrow, I’ll be on my own for a little bit, but my mom will be back Monday evening.  We’ve spent the weekend alone and did pretty well.  Having three people around for the midnight non-sleeping times is definitely helpful though.  We’ll be glad to have her back!  Anywho, wish us sleep!!  Love to you all!

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More Owen pictures

Posted by aeopi on December 6, 2008

I’ve uploaded some new pictures from yesterday.  Baby and Ashley are both doing great.  He had his circumcision yesterday and today he passed his hearing test!  Ashley is up and around and doing well.  Right now she is taking her breastfeeding class.  It looks like we’ll be going home on Monday.

I’ll keep posting as we take more pics!

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Pictures of Owen

Posted by aeopi on December 5, 2008

OK, here are pics of Owen.  Just go to this site: and it will be under recent photos.

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I now present Owen Christopher!

Posted by aeopi on December 5, 2008



He’s here!  Owen Christopher was born at 5:41pm by c-section.  We tried and tried to do it natrually but that kid wasn’t budging.  He weighs 8lbs 4oz and is 20 1/4″ long.  So far he’s a great kid, he’s not fussy and he took to breast feeding pretty well.

After he was out our doctor said there was no way he was going to fit through his pelvis.  The Brundage’s have big heads, sorry honey.  Ashley is doing really well.  As I type she’s eating her first meal in the past 27 hours.  I think she’ll be up for visitors but please call before you come up.  We’ll try to space eveyone out so we don’t get a ton of people all at once.

I’ve got a ton of pictures and I will get them up as soon as I can.

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Posted by aeopi on December 4, 2008

The doctor just came in and there is still nothing happening with her dilation and he still hasn’t dropped.  So we’re going in after him!  They’re getting fluids in her and then they will place the epidural and out he will come!!  I’ll post a picture as soon as I get one for all to see.

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Still waiting

Posted by aeopi on December 4, 2008

We’re still here in labor and delivery and still nothing has happened.  It seems like Owen is being stubborn and doesn’t want to come out into this cold day and freezing hospital room.  (Seriously, you could hang meat in here).  If he hasn’t dropped or if she still isn’t dilated by 2:00 we will probably make the decision to have a C-Section.  The doc said we can keep at this all day and even try again tomorrow but Ashley is worn out and we don’t want to do this another day.  Luckily she’s able to nap right now while we all take a lunch break. 

Until next time…

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The waiting is the hardest part

Posted by aeopi on December 4, 2008


We’ve made it down to labor and delivery and they have started giving her the medicine which is supposed to help start labor.  So far nothing has changed, we’re both very tired and Ashley is really hungry.  Unfortunately she can’t eat anything while she’s in labor. 

We will keep you posted!

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And so it begins

Posted by aeopi on December 4, 2008




Hello everyone, this is Chris and I’m stepping in for Ashley during the delivery process.  We made it to the hospital and it’s confusing, scary and not at all what we expected.  Not much is going on right now, Ashley has an I.V. in and she’s hooked up to monitors.  We’re still waiting on the medicine to kick start everything and if all goes well Owen will be here tomorrow!  I’ll keep this updated as well as I can throughout the process.

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Owen’s “New” Due Date

Posted by aeopi on December 1, 2008

Well, we went to the doctor today and still no progress.  Owen was due yesterday and since he hasn’t dropped yet the doctor is a little concerned about whether he ever will.  So, to try to get things moving along we are going to induce on Thursday morning – bright and early at 6am.  So Owen’s new due date is now December 4th, unless he arrives before then.  Anywho, wish us luck and hope he drops from induction.  If not, then we move onto a c-section.  Love you all!

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