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Baby (not so much) News

Posted by aeopi on November 20, 2008

Still nothing going on, a little effacement, that’s it.  No dilation.  No dropping.  Silly kid must be hanging on to my ribs or something!


I was a little off on my how long he can stay in there date.  The longest my doctor will let me go is Dec. 8 – so if he doesn’t come by then I’ll probably induce on either the 5th or the 8th in hopes of avoiding a c section.  Though an induction in itself raises my chances for a c section, we are going to hope for the best.  At least that’s the plan today.  Things change at each appointment.  Our next one is Dec. 1, that’ll be the day we make our plans so I’ll keep you posted.

Until then, everyone think positively that Owen will come on his own!! 


2 Responses to “Baby (not so much) News”

  1. Kathleen said

    This is a late comment, but you’ve been on my mind this week! I have Sunday marked in big letters in my planner. We love you and know everything will end up OK.

  2. Heather said

    I was just thinking of you today and had to call Linda to see if you had Owen yet. I know this waiting game is hard but he will come when he is fully cooked and ready. Try to enjoy him soon he will be here and the time flies by. Natalie is 5 months already sitting up and trying to crawl, my baby is growing so fast.

    Sara was a 41 week induction. That was the date that my doctor gave me as not letting it go. They can tech let it go to 42 weeks and monitor him with u/s and non-stress tests. My doctor says not past 41 weeks so we induced and I just didn’t progress so I had a c-section. You are right that induction at anytime even at 41 weeks increases your risk of a c-section so I will send you some labor vibes that he comes on his own. So get to walking, have lots of you know what, and walk some more. LOL!!

    HUGS! Come on Baby Owen!

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