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Posted by aeopi on November 29, 2008

I still haven’t had the baby.  And yes I’m walking and yes I’m keeping my feet up when I can to reduce swelling.  Just thought I’d post an update as I keep hearing these questions.  Also, nope, as far as we can tell he hasn’t dropped.  So, chances are slim that I’ll be having him anytime soon.  We have our next doctor’s appointment on Monday.  I’ll keep you all posted.


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Baby (not so much) News

Posted by aeopi on November 20, 2008

Still nothing going on, a little effacement, that’s it.  No dilation.  No dropping.  Silly kid must be hanging on to my ribs or something!


I was a little off on my how long he can stay in there date.  The longest my doctor will let me go is Dec. 8 – so if he doesn’t come by then I’ll probably induce on either the 5th or the 8th in hopes of avoiding a c section.  Though an induction in itself raises my chances for a c section, we are going to hope for the best.  At least that’s the plan today.  Things change at each appointment.  Our next one is Dec. 1, that’ll be the day we make our plans so I’ll keep you posted.

Until then, everyone think positively that Owen will come on his own!! 

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Posted by aeopi on November 18, 2008

I have had a few people asking about whether we will want visitors at the hospital or not.  Chris and I have both said sure!  Everyone come visit!  And we’re sticking with that – unless you hear otherwise.  If something traumatic happens or we just get overwhelmed we’ll send out an APB and let you know to stay away.  🙂  For those of you who don’t know, we will be delivering at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas – located at Walnut Hill and 75. 

And just for the record – no strangers allowed.  — Thanks josh!

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We all need to calm down…

Posted by aeopi on November 17, 2008

We went to get our sonogram last friday and along with making the cutest face ever in his picture (his lips were pursed in a kissy face) Owen is only measuring 7 pounds.  Which according to other post-pregnant people I’ve spoken with, these late sonograms usually overestimate the weight of the baby.  So, he’s not going to be the biggest baby in the world after all!  There’s no way to tell in the sonogram or any other way if his head is too big though.  For that we just have to wait and see. 

I’ve also been thinking – technically, Owen can stay in there for 4 more weeks (till Dec. 14th) as long as we both seem healthy, so the fact that he hasn’t dropped just yet could just mean he isn’t ready.  So, I’ve decided to take a deep breath, relax and enjoy these last few weeks when I have him all to myself (and the hands on my belly).  Now I need the rest of you to breath with me…in…….. and out……  Thank you!  🙂

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Posted by aeopi on November 7, 2008

Chris and I attended our first of the weekly doctor’s appointments yesterday.  Now you will be able to get real updates on how I’m progressing.  So far, nothing!  No dialation, no dropping (although I’m pretty sure he has a little because my ribs have gone back down some), nothing. 

We did get some interesting news, to say the least, my doctor thinks Owen is up to 7 1/2 pounds!  And I am measuring at 38 weeks, which as of today, I am 2 days away from 37 weeks.  So, she is concerned that Owen might be too big already and that’s why his head hasn’t dropped down.  We go in next Friday for a sonogram of the big fella to find out what the heck is going on.  I’m hoping that her ever so technical way of weighing the baby (feeling around on my belly) is way off and he’s fine and we’ll get to progress as normal.  I don’t know for sure what happens if not, but I’m guessing they’ll either induce to get him out earlier or if he won’t fit I’ll have to have a c-section.  Neither ways are anything I want. 

So think small happy thoughts!  Thanks!

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