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Posted by aeopi on October 31, 2008

Pumpkin carving “party” instead of bowling night this week…it was precious.


7 Responses to “Boys…”

  1. Josh said

    “precious?!” c’mon ashley!

  2. Chris said

    Precious? We were dealing with sharp knives and fire!! We were the manliest men ever!

  3. aeopi said

    I’m sorry, I mean, it was sooo manly!

  4. Josh said

    …we also were betting on dog fights.

  5. Josh said

    but in ashley’s defense… there is nothing manly about that last pic.

  6. aeopi said

    hahaha, no that last picture is too cute!

  7. ouhogan said

    That last pic was supposed to be with no flash so we would look scary and spooky. As it is we look like fools!

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