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I need sleep.

Posted by aeopi on October 7, 2008

So officially I’m at 32 weeks now, although we went to the doctor today and I’m measuring at 33 weeks – maybe just maybe Owen’ll be here sooner than expected and I won’t have to contend with this big ol’ belly while trying to sleep!  No, really, I understand that soon I’ll be switching losing sleep from a big belly to losing sleep to a crying baby – but I think its worth the switch!  At least the couple hours of sleep I do manage to get will be good sleeping, right?  No hands falling asleep or not being able to sleep on my back/stomach or getting up to pee.  Right, right?!?  Seriously. 

I probably make it sound worse than it is – it hasn’t been too bad, I just had a bad night last night.  I was thinking too hard, peeing too often, singing some Meatloaf song, trying to keep my hands from getting that pins and needles sensation, and feeling Owen doing somersaults at FOUR O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING! 

COME ON!!  I don’t think people stress enough the lack of sleep you’ll experience while pregnant.  I’ll say it again: it is all worth it.  Maybe if I say it often enough the lack of sleep won’t matter.  ha.  🙂 

Anywho – nothing else to report from the doctor’s visit.  I’m chugging along with a, and I quote, “text book perfect pregnancy!”  Yay!  That almost makes the lack of sleep all worth it.


5 Responses to “I need sleep.”

  1. Heather said

    When I slept when I was pregnant it was a great don’t move drool on my pillow sleep. Though most nights I did the same as you, up and down turn over and over and over. I mean at this stage even turning over is like a circus act, I had to actually sit up to turn over. LOL!! Now that Natalie is here I do miss those night laying there awake while she did her gymnastics. Don’t get me wrong she is so worth it and I love having her with us but I do miss those kicks sometimes. When you get up with the baby no matter how tired you are seeing that sweat thing makes it easy to get up every 2 hours. Now when they sleep through the night and then go back to waking up at 3 am, I get frustrated. LOL!!

  2. aeopi said

    sometimes i sleep so good i drool. but it doesn’t last very long, that’s my biggest complaint. and i am at the point of having to sit up to turn over and move all my pillows and adjust my blankets. ugh. its so annoying. i think i’ll miss the gymnastics, but will be happier to have him here in person!

  3. Lauren said

    i think i ended up sleeping on the couch every night once i hit 33 weeks…i would start off asleep in the bed, then wake up and my mind would just turn…the only thing that worked was moving to the couch or watching “anderson cooper 360” on cnn…now that jack sleeps like a dream, i am loving my bed again…

  4. Kathleen said

    The baby gymnastics are out of control here in Washington. I here you about the somersaults. I’ve almost gotten to the point where I can fall asleep despite the constant movement, and then I go for several hours without noticing and I feel guilty. Usually poking around my belly gets a good response, though.

    I’m so glad things are going well for you! Can’t wait to meet Owen.

  5. Alana said

    yeah, verdict is still out on which is better sleeping. Madison and I both have crazy dreams since Jackson was born and I think that’s because we barely fall asleep before he is waking us up again. This kid does not miss a meal!!!

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