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Holy Cow!

Posted by aeopi on September 24, 2008

Cow is right!  Look at that belly!!  I am now at 30 1/2 weeks – that means only 9 1/2 weeks left to go till the official due date of November 30.  Wow!  How time flies and bellies grow (and hands and feet swell, ugh)!  I had a shoe crisis this morning – only one pair to wear that even remotely matched my outfit!  It was not good.  Luckily my mom and dad are calling in backups for me!  Momma’s bringing some 10’s she doesn’t wear anymore to me this weekend and my Dad is ordering me some fall shoes.  Thank goodness we’re a shoe family!!

Latest update on doctors appointments: I went yesterday and am measuring right at 30 weeks and all else is normal!  My blood work came back from the last appointment and I’m a little anemic so have been put on an Iron supplement – no big deal.  Glucose was normal though, phew. 

My shower is this Saturday and I’m really getting excited!  I can’t wait to see everyone and get all kinds of goodies!  See y’all soon!!


One Response to “Holy Cow!”

  1. Momma said

    You are so cute! You look absolutely beautiful with that belly.

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