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Something happened…

Posted by aeopi on September 3, 2008

Chris has finally felt Owen kick!!!  It happened the week before last.  I know I should have posted then, but I’ve been swamped at work.  Anyways, Owen kicked his hand two times and Chris was so thrilled that it made me tear up.  It’s so great to finally be able to share this wonderfully crazy sensation with Chris.  He has since felt it a couple of times but mostly Owen has decided that Daddy’s hand means he needs to calm down, and he stops kicking when Chris touches my belly. 

Last night was precious though.  We were both awake at 3am due to bathroom breaks and noisy animals.  Most nights this is the time that Owen decides to do jumping jacks (to my despair).  So, since usually Daddy has the hand of calmness I asked Chris to touch my belly for a while.  So we cuddled this way and Owen just kicked away at Chris’ hand.  It was so (Josh, don’t make fun) cute to hear Chris’ sleepy little giggle at the feeling of Owen kicking him.  It made me smile as I tried to fall asleep with my two boys.  Eventually Owen quit kicking and we all passed out, it was 3 in the morning afterall. 

Other than that update, nothing else is new.  I go to the doctor next week for my glucose test (for gestational diabetes) and to get my Rhogam shot (due to RH- blood).  Then two weeks after that is my last monthly doctor’s visit.  After that one we start going to the doctor every two weeks.  The clock is counting down!! 

Oh, and my baby shower is coming up at the end of this month (Sept. 27)!  I’m so excited!  Already, I have been to Alana’s shower, sent a present to Kathy for her shower in Houston, and have one to attend for Kim.  It’s fun to see what everyone has registered for.  Although, I keep adding things to my registry to the point that it seems like I have way too many things on there.  Oh well, y’all will have more fun shopping that way.  I can’t wait to see everyone at the shower! 

Guess that’s it with the update.  Love you all!



5 Responses to “Something happened…”

  1. Josh said

    Chris’ street cred is going down the drain, but I guess his focus right now is on daddy cred, so I won’t make fun of him (around you, Ashley).

  2. Chris said

    Yes, my dad cred is going through the roof now. I have the all powerful calming hand.

  3. babyonthehip said

    I think it’s adorable…Joe was just weirded out and then pretty much lost interest!

  4. Josh said

    all powerful calming hand or the tyrant’s iron fist… only time will tell.

  5. aeopi said

    ha, have you met my husband? a tyrant he is not. 🙂

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