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Posted by aeopi on August 13, 2008

i haven’t written in a while and still don’t have any news to post.  there is nothing going on.  owen is moving and kicking more and more every day, but Chris still can’t feel him.  i’m eating more and my belly is growing larger, but there hasn’t been anything exciting going on to report. 

i’m starting to get more anxious about the baby coming.  trying to figure out how to pay for outrageously expensive day care.  freaking out about debt while realizing we’re about to up our expenses with a new baby!  realizing that i have no clue about breast feeding or raising a baby other than what i think i know.  still trying to figure out what else to do with the nursery for decor.  Thankfully, Andi is going to paint a couple pictures using our bedding animals for inspiration to hang on the walls. 

that’s about it.  i know its not that exciting but wanted to put something new up since i hadn’t posted in forever!  love you all!!


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