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Things I want…

Posted by aeopi on July 9, 2008

I’ve decided to start a list of things I want or that I want for Owen, gift ideas maybe??? 

1.  Hooter Hider – Yes, you read that right, hooter hider.  It’s a cover to put around me and Baby Owen for when its time to breastfeed.  It allows me to do this in front of people without fear of flashing or the baby pulling the blanket down.

2.  Inflatable Bath Tub – I read on a blog about this and it sounds great!  No fear of Baby Owen bumping his head on the tub!

3.  Sonoma Crew Socks – First of all, how super cute are these socks!?!  Second, I read, on the same blog as above, about how well they stay on her baby’s feet.

 4.  Death Cab for Cutie Onsie – This is something Chris wants for Owen more than me.  It’s his favorite band.  But pretty cute that Owen could rock on with his Daddy!

5.  Skull and Crossbones Onsie – I have started to have this weird fetish with skulls and crossbones lately.  I even talked Chuck into getting Riley a Paul Frank swim suit that had skulls all over it.  It was super cute.  And now look!  We can get skulls for Owen too!!  or

6.  Anything from Baby Gap that will match the Animal Safari bedding we bought, like sheets and stuff.

7.  JJ Cole Essentials Travel Pod Set – I registered for this at Babies R Us but they are discontinuing it.  😦  I love it!

8.  Another item being kicked off of my registry: Skip Hop Bottle Drying Rack

9.  How cool is this??  A “teething bib”!  It’s a small circular bib to keep the drool off of baby’s shirt!  The only ones I’ve seen are here

10.  A video camera to capture all those special moments.


5 Responses to “Things I want…”

  1. ouhogan said

    Our kid is going to be cool! He’s going to listen to awesome music and make fun of other kids for listening to the Wiggles.

  2. Robin said

    skulls and crossbones?? kind of ozzy osborne isn’t it? I’m getting a little concerned about you guys!!

  3. babyonthehip said

    I have seen a ton of baby stuff with skull and crossbones…even some blankets (something to think about). The hooter hider makes me laugh…I never covered up much because it gets sooo hot with a blanket on and Brandon hated being covered after a certain age. I just fed him in the car or in a corner where no one paid any attention.

  4. Josh said

    How about this: Skull and Crossbones

  5. aeopi said

    um no. sorry no bean bag chairs in my house!

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