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Friday Freakout…and Big News!

Posted by aeopi on June 23, 2008

Well, as some of you know I made an “emergency” trip to the doctor’s office last Friday.  I was having strange shooting pains in my lower tummy area.  These, embarrassingly, turned out to simply be growing pains.  But, on the bright side – we got to go to the sonographer and have a lot of pictures taken of the baby to make sure everything was good.  This means….yes….we found out the sex of the baby!!  I wish we could tell each and every one of you in person what we’re having, but we can’t keep it contained for that long.  So, for those of you who have been waiting to hear….

We’re having a BOY!!!!

Yes, we are super excited!  We would have been happy either way, but I was really hoping for a baby boy to come first!  As far as names go, we are pretty set on Owen Christopher Brundage (Owen being my maiden name, Christopher for the obvious).  The Doctor at the sonographer’s office also said that our baby has a text book perfect heart!  He even took a picture to keep for his records.  His kidneys, back bone, legs, feet, head, and brain are all looking healthy as well. 

To those of you who we saw this weekend and didn’t tell the big news to…sorry, but we had to tell family first.  But it was tough keeping it in!!

I have attached a couple pictures in the link below.  They are my two favorites of Owen, so far.  The top picture is of his bottom – as if he were sitting on a copy machine with his legs pointing out to the left side of the picture.  The arrow is pointing at his you know what….haha.  The bottom picture is his profile.  He is laying on his back with his head towards the right side of the picture.  The lady doing the sonogram said he had one hand on his chin and the other on his forehead, but I can’t really see that.  You can really see his big ol’ belly though.  She said he didn’t look like he’s missed a meal and the doctor said he’s weighing about 6 ounces right now.  My little information emails say that he is about the size of a turnip this week. 

baby boy brundage

Take care and we love you all!


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Thurday’s Appointment

Posted by aeopi on June 6, 2008

The appointment went well.  Actually, nothing notable happened.  I’m progressing as expected, I didn’t gain too much or too little weight, and the baby’s heart beat sounded strong.  The only exciting news is that on July 1, we have our second trimester ultrasound and this is when we should find out the sex of the baby, for sure this time. 

Oh, we did get sad news yesterday – my doctor is resigning!  Ugh!!  She is being replaced by another doctor, Dr. Shimer, and we get to meet her in the next few weeks.  I hope I like her, I don’t want to have to search for someone new.  😦 

Anywho – Chris and I are doing well, hope to see you soon!  Love you all!

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