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Audrey Payton Owen is Here!

Posted by aeopi on May 13, 2008

My new little niece was born last night around 11:30pm and is a healthy 8lbs 2 oz and 20.25 inches.  Here’s to one less thing to wait on!  She’s beautiful!  She got long fingers and long toes and was ready to take on the world!  Her eyes were open the whole time, just checking people and things out.  She looks a lot like her big sister, Riley, but she’s got her differences, mainly in her eyes.  Here’s a couple pictures of her and one of Riley from when she was born for comparison.  If you want to see more shots click on this link here:




3 Responses to “Audrey Payton Owen is Here!”

  1. babyonthehip said

    She is beautiful, of course! I like her name, too.

  2. jackb15 said

    SO CUTE!

  3. Josh said

    you and chuck should have a baby-off! he has a head start so these next few years are going to be busy for you and chris…

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