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Posted by aeopi on May 9, 2008

We had our third doctors appointment today and finally got to hear the baby’s heart beat!  He/she sounds like they’re working so hard in there!!  Chris and I were both very moved by the experience, I even teared up a little.  Chris took video of it with our camera, click the picture above to hear!



5 Responses to “Heartbeat”

  1. babyonthehip said

    I even teared up a little…This is so exciting!!!! I can’t wait to get pregnant because I am going to do everything you are doing!

  2. Ashley!
    I found your site on Andi’s website! Congrats on expecting your little one! We are just a couple of weeks ahead of you with Lil Safran due November 14th. So fun to catch up with your life! Good luck with everything. I’ll be checking in to see how you’re doing. 🙂


  3. Jackie said

    That is awesome!

  4. LaShaunn Bold said

    Wow! That’s fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing your joy with us! Carson, my 7 year old was baptised yesterday on Mother’s Day. Truly, being a mother is the most awesome thing that ever happened to Me. You are in for something soo wonderful.
    There is no greater blessing. Congratulations!

  5. Josh said

    That little speaker thing looks like a Walkman from the 70’s. I wonder if it gets AM?

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