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A second opinion, and a third, and a fourth…

Posted by aeopi on May 7, 2008



It took SIX pregnancy tests before we actually believed it but I am pregnant!  We found out on March 22.

  Here’s the story, we were going out to celebrate my 29th birthday on Friday, March 21, and just in case decided to take a pregnancy test before going.  Well, the test showed up negative right away, but I left it sitting on the bathroom counter.  So, upon walking back into the bathroom 15 minutes later, the test was reading positive.  “This can’t be!” I thought.  After consulting with Chris, and drinking a buttload of water, I took two more tests, both of which were negative – you can see these three tests at the top of the picture.  Well, we decided it must have been a false positive or bad reading since it had been so much time between taking the test and seeing the positive; and we didn’t know if somehow the test would change if you waited too long to look at it; and we had two negatives to follow it up, so I couldn’t be pregnant! 

So we went out and celebrated my 29th birthday at the Stoneliegh P.  It was a great time! 

That night, I had a dream that I was pregnant; surely it was just the testing from Friday night on my brain.  Either way, I decided to take another test Saturday morning, right when I woke up, just like the directions tell you to do.  It was positive.  I used an electronic test this time, so no mistaking any lines, and though you can’t see the result on the test anymore, it’s the fourth in the picture.  OK, so the test was positive.  I read the directions, and apparently drinking a buttload of water before taking a pregnancy test can SKEW the results!  Way to go Knocked Up for giving me bad advice.  Let this be a lesson to you ladies out there, don’t drink a lot of water to take another test, believe the first one! 

So, why two more tests you ask?  Well, we still had to be sure.  But we waited to take them until I had to pee all on my own.  Both came up positive, we took that to mean, officially, I am pregnant!  🙂 





4 Responses to “A second opinion, and a third, and a fourth…”

  1. Josh said

    bold move… your inaugural post contains a picture of stuff you pee on.

    but glad to see you are online anyway.

  2. aeopi said

    they all have caps on at least!

  3. Momma said

    Nice tummy! I’m looking forward to more news going forward. Love you bunches!

  4. Robin said

    The EPT people must love you for purchasing so many preg tests!! Can’t wait to see/hear more news!!

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